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Dance_1 Dance_1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Little Plain

Cool melody, but it seems a little plain.
At 0:34, I recommend adding something, such as a crash to make the whole beat flow through the empty space, to get to the next group of kicks, claps, etc.
I'll give you a 4/5, cause I'm not a fan of bombing, and cause of the cool melody, and an 8/10 for the effort.

butlertex responds:

Thanks for the input. This was just me dickin' around with various synths, so I'll probably go back and edit it a couple more times. Thanks again

-={DJ-PHX}=- Influenced Power -={DJ-PHX}=- Influenced Power

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite Uplifting

I accidentally clicked this, and without even knowing why i was so relaxed, i realized this song was playing in the background!
I like the way the song is so uplifting, and enjoyable; there are a couple parts in the song when it gets too "rough". But it's still enjoyable.

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unrealdark responds:

Praise randomness. :)
I'm glad I could fulfill your likings, though I wanted to have this track some kind of 'rough edge' to it. Just to flow all emotions away.
nonetheless that, I still got much to learn, and perhaps I could work on that.
Thanks for the input, it's highly appreciated!