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First Submission Validation Team, Hurry Up!

2010-03-19 21:17:17 by Raiiin

I'm getting a little bit tired of having to wait for the Newgrounds team to allow my first few submissions to hit the Audio Portal.
I've submitted two songs so far, one being Techno, and the other being Hardcore / Hardstyle.
It's been like 5 days since I submitted the first one, my god; gettin' a lil' impatient here! :p


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2010-04-15 19:09:58

Heh dont worry theyre up and it makes me mad it took so long, but eh id consider yourself lucky a little bit since ive found a song that wasnt put up until about five months after the guy had put it up. Real shame too it was a nice track. Anyways welcome to newgrounds and thanks for making some great music.